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Aftercare Instructions 

-Remove the bandage AFTER two hours.
- GENTLY wash with unscented soap and warm water to remove plasma and excess ink. Pat dry with a clean paper towel or cloth.
-Apply a VERY THIN layer of unscented moisturizer AFTER 48 hrs in the
AM and PM. 

While your tattoo is healing for the next 5 weeks:
Your skin will become ITCHY, DRY and will start PEELING. DO NOT itch, pick, rub, or scrub your tattoo AT ALL!
KEEP MOISTURIZING your tattoo and shower normally, drying your tattoo with a clean paper towel or cloth. DO NOT over moisturize or excessively wash your tattoo.
DO NOT submerge your tattoo underwater (no baths and no swimming).
DO NOT go in the sun or tan. Sun is bad for your tattoo, especially while healing!
Keep your tattoo CLEAN, avoid dirt and pet hair. Clean your tattoo after exercising if you are sweaty.

To keep your tattoo looking great use sunscreen AFTER it’s fully healed, as sun is bad for your tattoo and will age it faster. Keeping your skin moisturized will also help it look fresh, dry skin can make your tattoo look older than it is.
If you have any questions about the healing process message your artist or call us at 519-337-0777.
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